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The Giants Geneva


In 2020, there was no finish line…so 2021 must be the year marking a new start for all running aficionados!

Hence, we created THE pedestrian running event aiming to gather ALL running lovers and sport enthusiasts in a beautiful surrounding: the city of Geneva.

The Giants Geneva is a unique occasion to reclaim your city, your tarmac, your playground, after all these months of waiting, longing and missing.

A 10K Run is a reference for a seasoned runner, but also an accessible distance for everyone. A 10K Run is a challenge, between speed and endurance. But this 10K will go beyond!

As a premium and professional organization, we strictly follow the highest standards in terms of planning, security and sustainability, as per the World Athletics’ guidelines. As such, The Giants Geneva offers a truly unique experience, combining emotions and performance, thanks to an exceptional elite category.

For instance, the World’s best athletes will convene in Geneva on October 3rd, a fantastic opportunity for you - amateur or avid runner - to run with the best.

To date, Julien Wanders - European record holder on the distance and Geneva’s local hero - and Jimmy Gressier - European 2nd best performer on the 10K Run - already confirmed their presence, heating up the European title battle, which will be decided on the shores of the Leman lake.

The « Giants » of the running world invite you to meet in Geneva. Are you up for the challenge?

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World Athletics

The Giants Geneva race is organized as per the official guidelines established by World Athletics, thus guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of planning, security and experience for all runners.

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